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  NUR MINAWI  نور ميناوي 

My name is Nur Minawi. I was born to a large Jaffa family, with historical roots in the city and a strong sense of belonging to its cultural, Arab and cosmopolitan heritage.

Pottery is a natural craft in the environment in which I grew up, with some of my family members in the past and present engaged and still engaging in the field. Maybe that’s why I hesitated for years to specialize in the field, leaving pottery as a hobby. In 2011 my dad, a well-known local potter, broke his arm and I was asked to help him complete a job he started. Since then there has been a sharp turn in my life, when it became clear to me while working that pottery is not only a way of creating, but also, and perhaps most importantly, a worldview and artistic expression, allowing different and distinct forms and ways of life to be expressed. My works are minimal in the sense that the shapes and colors I choose accompany the people among them, blending in with the pace of time they choose to live by.

My works include, for example, a cup of tea that washes away the morning sleep, and softens the evening walk to bed, for meetings of grief and joy.

Handmade ceramics

nur minawi
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